Northside Planning Council

NPC_Logo_ColorFor two decades, the Northside Planning Council has helped Northside Madison become the most engaged, informed and best-organized community in the City, with a strong identity and high quality of life.  Today, with dedicated volunteers and generous financial support, we proudly continue that tradition, as we work to strengthen our community each day.


The NPC Mission is to improve the quality of life for all members of the Northside community through advocating and supporting the economic growth, stability and connectivity of the Northside community.

COMMUNITY - Communication and Connections within Northside Community

  • Support and enhance communication on the Northside
  • Serve as a key convener of Northside events
  • Engage with the community to understand the overall needs of Northside community

PEOPLE - Individuals and Families

  • Facilitate awareness of and access to services
  • Partner with others to identify service needs
  • Foster development of additional support services for individuals and families in need
  • Work with partners to coordinate youth efforts on the Northside
  • Support Neighborhood Associations

BUSINESS – Economic Success and Growth for the Northside

  • Promote the Northside as a great place to live, work, play, start or grow a business
  • Support existing businesses
  • Encourage and support new investments
  • Create and operate the FEED Kitchen project

The NPC is governed by an elected Board of Directors, and programs are run by a stellar group of staff.