Northside Neighborhoods

“You don’t have to move to live in a better neighborhood!”

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Flourishing Northside neighborhood associations and community organizations are creating a stronger Northside identity as the “Gateway to Madison. ” Neighborhood-based groups help Northside residents meet their neighbors and to have a voice in their neighborhood’s affairs. These groups also work through the Northside Planning Council to share information, address community-wide issues and create greater resources for Northside residents.

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1. Berkley Oaks ~ Neighbhorhood Spotlight

Mission: Using collaborative and cooperative leadership styles, the Berkley Oaks Neighborhood Association (BONA) serves the residents of the Berkley Oaks neighborhood.

2. Brentwood Village
Mission: Provide an organization which members are better able to deal with civic problems in community and promote recreational and social opportunities

3. Cherokee Gardens
About: Association formed in 1976, includes 570 homes, and is governed by an elected Board of Directors whose responsibility is to administer Association’s By-Laws.

4. Cherokee Townhouses
About: Cherokee Townhouse Condominium Homes, Inc. was founded in 1975, has monthly board meetings and an annual meeting. There are 57 townhouse condominium units.

5. Cherokee II Townhouses
About: Cherokee II Condos began forming their association in 2007 and continue to look to build the association and connections to the greater Northside.

6. Cherokee Park
About: Organized in 1994, Cherokee Park Neighborhood Association serves about 270 homes to provide community enjoyment, to generate a spirit of community among neighborhood residents and to promote awareness of this unique neighborhood surrounded by a lake, golf course and wildlife preserve.

7. East Bluff
About: Formed in the early 70s as Wisconsin’s first condominium association, serving 176 units (450 residents), East Bluff residents enjoy Rhythm and Booms, Madison Mallards games and the multi-faceted Warner Park across the street.

8. Kennedy Heights
Mission: Create a community support network for low income families and increase available resources/programs to improve the lives of residents.

9. Lake View Hill
Mission: Educate and engage members in local issues. Celebrate living in the best neighborhood in Madison.

10. Lerdahl Park

About: Formed in 1996 in response to the threatened development of the Troy Gardens property and to the challenges at Mendota Elementary, Lerdahl Park includes about 275 households.

11. Lindbergh
About: The Lindbergh area is considered at large and is not organized as a neighborhood association at this time.

12. Maple Bluff
About: Maple Bluff (population 1,350) is a neighborhood on the shoreline of Lake Mendota, once inhabited by Winnebago Indians.

13. Maple Wood Condos

14. Mendota Hills
About: Formed in 1994, this association serves 150 homes west of Warner Park. The group is looking for neighbors interested in re-vitalising the association!

15. Nobel Park

16. North Lake Mendota
About: Formed in 1978 to protect the wetlands west of Mendota Health Center, the association serves over 300 homes. The association has established a retention pond park of storm water management and a wildflower and aquatic species area. Currently the association has reached an agreement with Mendota Mental Health Institute to do an annual Deer Harvest. It will continue to work with the city to develop Meadow Ridge Park, as well as sponsoring events that will allow the members of the neighborhood opportunities to interact.

17. Northport Community
Mission: Serving people to serve themselves through an integrated service delivery of housing and learning

18. Packer Townhouses
Mission: Programs to ensure education and employment success of residents of Packer Townhouses and interested members of larger community

19. Sheridan Triangle
Mission: Build neighborhood identity, cohesiveness and to provide a contact point for sharing information

20. Sherman
Mission: Exchange information, hold events that benefit neighborhood residents, and make the neighborhood a better place to live.

21. Sherman Village
About: The purpose of the association includes enhancing the quality life for its residents and provide leadership on neighborhood issues.

22. Troy Gardens
Neighborhood Spotlight:  The Troy Gardens co-housing community is a colorful group of residential units clustered on one side of land owned by the Madison Area Community Land Trust (MACLT). This award-winning community has 30 condominium homes and strong ties among residents. Troy Gardens also includes 26 acres of protected open land used for community gardens, a CSA farm, prairie restoration and a wildlife habitat. The Northside Planning Council led the 10-yar community effort to preserve and plan the Troy Gardens project.

With the goal of creating conservation-based, affordable owner-occupied housing, the Troy Gardens community emerged in 2006 as buildings were completed and residents moved in. Twenty of the 30 units were sold to households earning at or below 80 percent of the area’s median income. These units will remain affordable because of restrictions on the amount of profit allowed upon resale. The remaining 10 units were sold at market rates.

23. Vera Court
Mission: Encourage residents to invest in their own neighborhood and community

24. Vera Court Neighborhood Center
Mission: Collaborate with the Vera Court community to provide programming for children, families, adults and seniors

25. Woodland Park
About: Residents from the Woodlands and Woodland Park Apartments reformed their association in 2006. Both properties were puchased by a new owners and landlords who were committed to improving both neighborhoods for residents.

26. Woodlands
About: Residents from the Woodlands and Woodland Park Apartments reformed their association in 2006. Both properties were puchased by a new owners and landlords who were committed to improving both neighborhoods for residents.

27. Whitetail Ridge
About: Whitetail Ridge organized in 1998, and the association will be focusing this year on developing more community leadership and involvement as a way to be successful in the present and sustainable into the future. The association monitors key land use projects, including the Cherokee Park, Inc. development that borders the northern edge of the neighborhood and the open space to the south.