Northside Nonprofits Network

The Northside Nonprofits Network is a group of organizations that share the common goal of serving the Northside of Madison. While we may serve the Northside in different ways, or with a different focus, we do share many common interests.

Our common interests include:

The network includes any non-profit located on, or serving the Northside and welcomes other organizations to attend meetings. Formal non-profit status is not required (i.e. 501.c3). For more information contact the Northside Planning Council Executive Director at 661-0060 ext. 2

For a list of Northside Nonprofits Network members CLICK  HERE   If there are changes to the above contact listing, send an email to

To gather information about the participating organizations, a survey was conducted:
For the preliminary organizational summaries CLICK HERE
For the preliminary results on populations served, resources/skills to share, etc. CLICK HERE